Paul Edbrooke

Paul is the state member for Frankston.

Paul fell in love with the Frankston area instantly when he was posted to Frankston Fire Station as a career Firefighter in 2001. 

Paul was raised with a strong sense of community and social conscience by parents who worked in the Latrobe Valley coal mines and ran their own businesses.  Paul’s family are also long time Salvation Army members, his father, a Corps Sergeant Major.  Prior to becoming a Firefighter, Paul completed a Bachelor of Education in Primary and Secondary teaching and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History/Politics and Sociology before commencing teaching in local primary schools and Special Developmental Schools.

As a Firefighter for 14 years based at Frankston, Paul developed strong ties within our community and a reputation for getting the job done, even in the most challenging circumstances. 

Paul has attended countless local incidents that have touched our community and also state wide disasters such as the Black Saturday bushfires and Morwell coal mine fire.  Paul and his team were commended by then Chief Officer, Craig Lapsley in 2006 for rescuing the victim of a house fire in Gould st and successfully resuscitating her on the footpath and has also received other medals for services to our community.  Paul is now a volunteer at the Frankston CFA and is also known for his other volunteer work in the community.

The goal Paul has set himself over the next four years is to ensure that Frankston gets the best possible representation in parliament, resulting in our community getting its fair share.  The community of Frankston is already being heard in the halls of parliament in a positive context for the first time in years. We are in the early stages, but already Paul has worked tirelessly to improve the community of Frankston, successfully lobbying for $63 million to redevelop the Young St Transit precinct after 40 years of waiting.