Frankston Station School Design Competition

Thanks for being interested in the Frankston Station Design Competition running through our local schools and community!


– Design it using any DIGITAL means you like
– Put it into video format to show off your design
– Upload to YouTube or send us an image
– Email YouTube link or image to
– Make sure the station has a platform and at least two tracks for trains!


– If you play Minecraft perhaps you want to build your station there; you can then use screen capture software (link below) and take us through your design, showing off all the nooks and crannies of your station

– Perhaps you are good at digital drawing and want to use Photoshop or even Paint (!); draw multiple angles of your station and put them together in a video editor like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie

– If you want to draw it on paper or make a model, feel free! Just take pictures or a video when you are done and upload to YouTube as usual!



Screen Capture Software

Windows Movie Maker